Quality and the short production chain

From the producer direct to your table

A careful selection of the finest farms in Puglia, with daily milking and transporting of the fresh milk to the processing centres. Strict laboratory analysis and constant monitoring of the processing and pasteurising of the fresh milk. Direct and immediate distribution to our retail outlets.

This is the true secret of a brand that has won over the hearts of consumers and is synonymous with high-quality, fully traceable fresh milk. This is how Amico Mio has succeeded in becoming a trusted friend to all those who are not prepared to compromise on quality and nutritional goodness.
1Why our milk?
Choosing local milk means opting for a product that reaches your table after having travelled only a short distance.
2How is quality achieved?
The quality of a fresh product like milk depends above all on the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the farms and the quality of the fodder used. For this reason, AMICO MIO goes to great lengths to select the right cattle sheds and conducts rigorous checks at the source to ensure the quality of the cattle.
3What does our milk contain?
What does our milk contain? Amico Mio fresh milk is processed within just 48 hours of being milked, and for this reason it retains intact all of its precious organoleptic properties and nutrients: milk protein, calcium and vitamin B12.
4Why Amico Mio?
Because Amico Mio fresh milk comes only from our part of Italy and is subject to strict controls all the way along the production chain to ensure its authenticity and guarantee that when it reaches your table it is always fresh.