Amico Mio

The high quality of the Puglia region

A passion for that most noble of foodstuffs: fresh milk

Initially established as a company specialising in the distribution of fresh milk, Amico Mio became very well-acquainted with the Alta Murgia area (in the province of Bari) and specifically with its almost endless pastureland. Indeed, for centuries, the richness and prosperity of the numerous natural grazing lands of the Tavoliere di Puglia plain have made this part of the region one of the most suitable for the rearing of livestock. Out of this important awareness came a winning idea: to map the area in detail and then put together a virtuous network of high-quality farms, marked out by their use of selected fodder, excellent standards of hygiene and specific local character. It is only in this way that Amico Mio Fresh Milk is made – the fruit of a painstaking selection of the finest farms in the Alta Murgia area, with a view to guaranteeing that consumers enjoy a healthy, fresh product of the highest quality.

The Tradition of Fresh Milk

Tribute to a great man, Grandpa Erasmo.

In 1950, Erasmo – then just 30 years old – was a small-scale farmer in the Alta Murgia area, who was devoted to his 100 head of cattle. His love for his work, his dutiful care for each of his animals and his dedication to choosing natural fodder allowed Grandpa Erasmo to garner an excellent reputation and to win awards that honoured him as one of the finest cattle farmers in the whole Puglia region. Over time, his passion and love for this noble occupation was passed on to his son Antonio, who decided to undertake the necessary studies to become a cattle selector. Since then, the history of this family company has been marked out by constant increases in customer satisfaction and recognition, leading the new generation to remain even more faithful to Grandpa Erasmo’s mission.
This is how Amico Mio – a brand that is synonymous with high-quality, fully traceable fresh milk – was created and developed. The company’s success is above all the result of its ongoing selection of the best farms in the Alta Murgia area. This goes some way to explaining how Amico Mio has become a trusted friend to all those who are not prepared to compromise on quality and nutritional goodness.