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Amico Mio is a dynamic business that deals with the logistics, handling, distribution and marketing of food products. Equipped with extensive facilities, latest-generation technologies and vehicles and cold stores that comply with the latest regulations, Amico Mio is the ideal partner for companies operating in the food products sector and, specifically, in the delicate sub-sector of fresh products.


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Amico Mio has its own modern, efficient, multi-purpose facility that deals with the logistical, warehousing and storage requirements of companies operating in the food sector. The company has a fleet of certified, fully compliant cold storage vehicles:
» 14 vans with a max load of 3.5 tonnes
» 4 vans with a max load of 5 tonnes
» 2 trucks with a max load of 8.5 tonnes
» 1 truck with a max load of 11.5 tonnes
» 1 articulated lorry with a max load of 48 tonnes


Internal areas

Internal areas

The large internal area includes several spaces that can be used for the storage of non-food products; 10 independent cold stores (with dimensions ranging from 15 m2 to 1000 m2), that are fully insulated and suitable for the storage of various types of food products at the necessary temperatures, from -20°C to + 20°C (the stores can also provide the required levels of ventilation and humidity); wide, insulated, refrigerated aisles between the stores, warehousing areas and external areas ideal for maintaining the cold chain; CCTV system with internal videocameras, positioned in the warehousing areas and in the cold stores themselves, and associated data-storage system; and large office areas for administrative support and accounting management of the stored products (issuing of delivery notes and invoices via connection to a dedicated web server).

External spaces

The external structure is designed to ensure the maximum efficiency of all of the operations of loading, handling and unloading goods:
- electric, height-adjustable loading docks;
- canopies with suitable protectors to maintain the cold chain for highly perishable products;
- forecourt for the washing and sanitising of vehicles;
- external power sockets for refrigerated vehicles (220 W and 380 W);
- 24/7 manned surveillance of all parked vehicles;
- CCTV with Wi-Fi data recording system for the automatic transmission of data to the internal IT system.


The facility is strategically located, providing ideal coverage for all of the main local and regional conurbations:
3 min. da Altamura
5 min. da Matera
30 min. da Bari
45 min. da Taranto
50 min. da Potenza
1h e 30 min. da Brindisi
1h e 30 min. da Foggia
2h da Lecce
ALTAMURA (BA) S.S. 99 Altamura-Matera Km 7.200
Contrada Marinella n°1092
tel./fax 080.310.3824
mobile 393.976.2669 (Mino Frisone)